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Student ID

The 欧博娱乐 Student ID Card is your official college identification card to be used for campus services such as dining, bookstore purchases, learning common services, and more. Use of the card constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions distributed upon issuance.

What services can I access with my 欧博娱乐 Student ID Card? Who is eligible to get a 欧博娱乐 Student ID Card?
  • Currently enrolled students taking 欧博娱乐 classes for credit (excludes auditing and Continuing Education classes)
  • Current 欧博娱乐 employees
How and where do I get a 欧博娱乐 Student ID Card?
  • Get your 欧博娱乐 Student ID Card in the Learning Commons during regular office hours.
  • Distance students may request a mailed ID. To do so, please complete the Distance 欧博娱乐 Student ID request form.
  • No charge for the first 欧博娱乐 Student ID Card
  • 欧博娱乐 students and employees must present:
    • Photographic proof of identification (e.g., current driver's license or passport)
    • Proof of their NDUS EMPLID number
Do I need to get a new card every semester/year?
  • No.
  • If a 欧博娱乐 student has a break in study, they will qualify for a new card at no cost.
I lost my 欧博娱乐 Student ID Card. Now what?
  • Report your lost card to Student Services
  • The replacement fee is $25

Student Services

Stevens Hall, 105
p. 701.774.4200

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